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Ilyria Honeysuckle Soap 5.3oz

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Blended with shea oil for a moisturizing effect, the Deco soaps are milled several times to create a smooth bar. They all leave a delicate veil of fragrance on the skin. According to its aroma, each soap boasts its own richly-patterned packaging, with designs inspired by Claus Porto’s archives.
Ilyria’s fragrance blends sharp, fresh lemon with sweet honeysuckle and jasmine, creating a delicate, feminine scent. The line’s decorative, Art Nouveau-inspired packaging depicts blooming yellow flowers.
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Top Notes: Lemon, aldehydic accord
Heart Notes: Honeysuckle, jasmine
Base Notes: Musk, orange blossom
Measures: 5.3 oz.
Claus Porto