Stimulating Sea Samphire Hand Cream | Panier Des Sens

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This historic collection, which embodies beauty and well-being, reaps its wealth from the heart of plants thanks to essential oils and gently initiates you in the science of aromatherapy.
Enhanced by master perfumers from Grasse, the essential oils are selected for their fragrance and their benefits. A mini size, easy to put into your hand bag or to take with you on a trip to have hydrated and beautiful hands at any time thanks to the moisturizing properties of Shea butter (20%) combined with the virtues of Olive oil and essential oils.
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Fragrance Notes: Sea Samphire is the heart of this fresh and revitalizing fragrance. A tonic splash of sea mist combined with the strength of sandal and cedarwoodfor an irresistible seaside escapade!

97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
1 fl oz

Made in France