Champagne, Prosecco, and Sparkling Wine with Coupes, Flutes, & Tulips?!?

Champagne, Prosecco, and Sparkling Wine with Coupes, Flutes, & Tulips?!?


Assorted Champagne Glasses

What is all this? You are just having a few friends over for a celebration. The theme is in place the menu is almost complete. Now on to the beverage. As it is a celebration, we need to serve bubbles! Whether it is a celebration, like a wedding, a milestone birthday, or if you’re like me, Friday, we celebrate the week with snacks and bubbles. There is always a reason to celebrate! You may have wondered if there is much difference in types of bubbly wine and how it affects the occasion. Also, does the glass type matter? 

Let’s start our exploration with the beverage. Champagne is the ultimate celebratory wine, a symbol of elegance, refined taste and comes from France. Whereas, Prosecco is a sparkling wine, mostly made in Italy. The simple difference is Champagne growers consider Champagne a “wine of place” that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Additionally, Champagne requires a more hands-on and intensive process; as a result, it is generally more expensive than Prosecco. Sparkling wine is an inclusionary term that refers to all types of wine that will have bubbles. So basically, if it bubbles, it is a sparkling wine! If you’re thinking of a festive drink, don’t worry, any bottle of bubbles may be appropriate. So don’t fret; all three will guarantee a great time.

Now that we have a very condensed grasp of our festive wine. Let us move on to the glassware options that best compliment our celebration. We, are often asked which glass is best, and although there is a difference, there is no right or wrong choice! When you attend a wine tasting, they serve the wine in different shaped glasses that enhance that specific varietal. That also holds for bubbly wine. You’ll discover that there are three types that best serve bubbly wine.

From the early 1800s, the coup was the first and oldest glass dedicated to sparkling wine. The shape does allow for many bubbles on the surface. And for your nose to get deep into the action giving way toChampagne Coup the flavor. Unfortunately, for taste and bubble life, the shape of these glasses misses the mark. The wide saucer allows the aroma to escape and adds no effect to the bubbles. The coup is the traditionalist preference for serving and is excellent in creating that nostalgic ambiance. They also are great for serving champagne cocktails.

With the increased popularity of sparkling wines in the early 1900s, the desire to enhance effervescence became fashionable. Thus, in vogue the flute replaced the coup. The tall narrow glass is drawn-down to a point to enrich the bubbles. The bubbles now danced and traveled to entertain. This now allows the flavor and aroma to be more enjoyable. The flute has really become a statement piece. It’s also great in photos and fun to clink!

Born from the coup and the flute is the tulip, which is much more contemporary. The tulip possesses the qualities of the flute in that it draws to a point at the bottom to enhance the formation of the bubbles. Where the tulip varies from the flute, is the shape at the top, the glass slightly curves back in to capture the aroma in all its fullness. From the coup the tulip borrowed the stem, this allows the holder to view the entertainment inside the glass. To hold the glass without smudging the bowl, and to prevent warming of the wine. Additionally, the wide bowl from the coup allows for more bubbles to enhance the aroma. The tulip is my go-to choice as it’s the perfect combination of the coup and flute.


So all in all there is no right or wrong choice in bubbles or glassware! Select what tastes and looks great anIce Bucket and Assorted champing Glassesd it will make a memorable statement at your next celebration. Grab the bubbles, and your favorite glass and celebrate. POP!

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